June 2016

Certificate of Advanced Studies in Trauma Counseling- Apply Now!

Philadelphia University Certificate of Advanced Studies in Trauma Counseling Philadelphia University’s Community and Trauma Counseling Program offers a 4-course certificate for master’s-level professionals. The Certificate of Advanced Studies in Trauma Counseling provides an advanced understanding of trauma theory, principles, tools and strategies that support trauma-informed practice with adults and children. A new cohort will begin late August with enrollment in the first course in the...

Trauma in the Wake of Tragedies

The National Council for Behavioral Health created two resources in response to trauma post the Orlando massacre. TIP SHEET: Trauma in the LGBTQ Community: What Practitioners Should Know in the Wake of the Orlando Shootings FACT SHEET : LGBTQ Mental Health: How the Orlando Shootings Can Broadly Impact This Community

What other ACE surveys have additional questions?  We know of seven.

We’ll start to populate the new Resource Center next month. One of the sections lists ACE surveys that have additional questions. The CDC-Kaiser Permanente Adverse Childhood Experiences Study revealed that ACEs contribute to most of our major chronic health, mental health, economic health and social health issues. It measured five types of abuse and neglect: physical, verbal and sexual abuse; physical and emotional neglect. And five types of family dysfunction: a family member with mental...

Philadelphia ACE Task Force Workforce Development Work Group Meeting

The Workforce Development Workgroup met on Wednesday, June 15 th at the Unite Way building. The group began with an overview of the focus group project with the School District of Philadelphia and an update for next steps. The subcommittee focused on this work is aiming to begin these focus groups in July, pending approval from the School District and University of Pennsylvania. The group then moved on to discuss the planning of an event focused on integrating information about ACEs, trauma,...

The Question I Never Want to Hear: The Story Behind Storiez

https://safekidsstories.com/the-question-i-never-want-to-hear-430577e096de#.z5sai487j The caterers bustle about in the luxurious conference room, arranging utensils and igniting food warmers. I drop my bags beside the media cart and acquaint myself with the electronic equipment, fiddling with buttons and cords. My presentation slides appear on the massive projection screen. I smile. I have never presented in a room this large. I look around at the vacant tables that will soon be filled with...

Philadelphia ACE Task Force ACEs Messaging Group Meeting

The ACEs Messaging Group, a subcommittee of the Community Education Workgroup, met on Tuesday, June 14 th at Friends Center in Philadelphia. The group began with an overview of some of the work to date, including an update of the survey that was administered prior to May’s meeting. There were four new respondents who responded very similarly to other group members. The group moved forward to discuss their agreed upon target audiences, including older adults, youth, and parents of young...

Healing Hurt People - Philadelphia ER's & Behavioral Health Connect to Help [cleveland.com]

The " Healing Hurt People program, or HHP, an ER-based violence intervention program. HHP works on the public health-based notion that violence, like other diseases that spread, can be prevented. It targets services to those at highest risk, patients...who are being treated for violent injuries in the city's emergency rooms" Supported financially by Dr. Arthur Evans , commissioner of the city's Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services, this model brings trauma...

Toxic Stress, Toxic Streets (4 minute video)

This video is about 2 years old, but I just came across it last week and wanted to share with you all. It is a powerful statement by the students at Leadership High School in San Francisco, CA. They speak about the ongoing adversity and toxic stress in their daily lives and in their community, all through the power of music. The youth voice is so important as we work to bring trauma-informed and resilience building practices to communities. Link to video: Toxic Stress, Toxic Streets