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MARC Booklet 2016: Features Philadelphia

Please find attached the 2016 booklet for the Mobilizing Action for Resilient Communities (MARC) project, including Philadelphia and the other 13 communities that have been selected to participate in this 2 year learning collaborative. This is a great summary of the work happening in all 14 communities across the country. I look forward to working with you all as we share and build upon the great work happening in Philadelphia!

Philadelphia ACE Task Force Full Body Meeting

The Philadelphia ACE Task Force (PATF) met on Tuesday, February 16th. The group began with brief introductions and members expressed excitement for the meeting. The PATF staff and leadership then provided updates about recent accomplishments including new funding from the First Hospital Foundation to develop and disseminate messages about ACEs, trauma, and resilience; the success of the premiere Philadelphia ACE Film Festival, which featured the premiere of Paper Tigers and a screening of...

Therapist Resource Guide - Pediatric Medical Traumatic Stress

Working with children and families experiencing medical traumatic stress: A resource guide for mental health professionals What do mental health professionals need to know about pediatric medical traumatic stress? How can mental health professionals improve their collaboration with medical providers around pediatric medical traumatic stress? What resources and tools are available for professionals working with children and families who have experienced pediatric medical traumatic stress?

Philadelphia ACE Task Force Community Education Work Group Meeting

The Community Education Work Group met on Tuesday, January 19th at the CityLife Neighborhood Clinic in Philadelphia, PA. Representatives from the CityLife Neighborhood Clinics gave the group an overview of the work that they do, explaining that they often see the impact that ACEs have throughout the life course in the seniors they serve. Group members were interested in potential opportunities to develop intergenerational programming. The majority of the meeting was spent reviewing and...

Philadelphia ACE Task Force Workforce Development Work Group Meeting

The Workforce Development Work Group met on Wednesday, January 20 th at Friends Center in Philadelphia, PA. The group began with updates of recent work, including work that had been done in 2015, which was funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. This work was focused on encouraging graduate level programs incorporate ACE-related information into their curricula. The work resulted in local and national environmental scans as well as a training in trauma-informed care for Temple...

New Initiative Expands Holistic Approach to Trauma at Drexel’s 11th Street Health Center [DrexelNow]

Physical and behavioral health problems associated with trauma can linger long after someone experiences abuse, neglect, discrimination or violence, a growing body of evidence shows. With that knowledge in mind, a movement called “trauma-informed” care is making headway at schools, hospitals, social service organizations and health clinics across the country, including the  Stephen and Sandra Sheller 11th Street Family Health Services Center  of Drexel University.

Trauma-Informed Workforce Development

The Workforce Development Work Group of the Philadelphia ACE Task Force met on Wednesday, December 16, 2015. The group discussed next steps with regard to upcoming projects for the group. The group discussed possible steps to support for the School District of Philadelphia’s Action Plan 3.0, Action 7 - Recognize, respond to, and support the social-­ ‐ emotional and behavioral health needs of our students. 7a. Equip staff to recognize and appropriately address students’...

Could we have a revolution in Philadelphia Schools?

School District of Philadelphia staff - teachers, counselors and administrators -  have been filling every available opening in the Institute for Family Professionals' trauma trainings that are offered to the school district and others through funding from United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey.  Rebecca Pepper Sinkler- former editor of The New York Times Book Review and editor of SafeKidsStories shares the perspective of staff who attended in "Could We Have a...

Mobilizing Action for Resilient Communities: A Highlight of 2015

Members of the ACEs Connection online community are well aware that experiencing significant adversity during childhood can lead to a myriad of negative health, mental health, social, and behavioral outcomes throughout the life course. The growing body of research around adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can, at times, leave us feeling overwhelmed. As advocates for child health and wellbeing, we may ask ourselves, “how can we treat individuals who have multiple ACEs?”,...

Philadelphia Premiere of Paper Tigers to be shown at Philadelphia ACE Film Festival - REGISTRATION IS OPEN

The Philadelphia ACE Task Force along with sponsors including the Scattergood Foundation , the Health Federation of Philadelphia ,  Behavioral Health Training and Education Network and Exude , will host Philadelphia's first ACE Film Festival on Wednesday, January 27th, from 12:30 - 5:30 at WHYY Studios in Philadephia.  The Festival will feature two powerful films - the Philadelphia premiere of Paper Tige rs by James Redford takes an intimate look into the lives of selected...

"Should ACEs Include Community Level Indicators" - Philadelphia Research Reaches California

Deangelo Mack , ACEs Connection member from California posed the question "Should ACEs Include Community Level Indicators" and replies with a resounding "Yes."  The article that he points to regarding this issue is written by Christine Forke Young, MSN, CRNP,  Fellow at the Violence Prevention Initiative at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and Co-Chair of the Philadelphia ACE Task Force Research Committee, as well as one of the developers of the Philadelphia ACE...

Its Jails Bursting, Philadelphia Seeks Bail System Changes []

More than 7,800 men and women sit in Philadelphia's overcrowded jails, three-quarters of them languishing while they await trial under a bail system that critics call outmoded and that cities — and the White House — are working to change. Hundreds in the nation's fifth-largest city would be free, including nonviolent and first-time offenders, if there were alternatives to bail, a recent tally of the daily jail population showed. People accused of crimes here have historically...

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