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Calling All Social Work Professionals

I had the good fortune of meeting a Temple University Social Work student at a recent event. Her name is Lydia Lynes and she is looking to briefly interview professionals in the field. Below is her description of what she needs. If you have a few...

What's Missing ?

What's Missing ?   "Education Reform" is primarily a systemic concept, oblivious to children, and treading on justice issues.   http:// ts-missing-3/    

Camden Trauma Summit II

The 2014 Camden Trauma Summit will present an exciting opportunity to systemically apply Trauma Informed Care (TIC) to the city of Camden. Monday, October 6 will feature Dr. Robert Block and Tuesday, October 7 will feature Dr. Sandy Bloom . View...

Child Abuse and Epigenetics

"Increasingly, scientists are coming to realize that people’s experiences exert a strong influence on their biology by silencing genes or turning them back on, significantly changing the way a cell functions without changing its DNA sequence....