Becoming Trauma Informed, Part 1

The Behavioral Health Training and Education Network with support from the Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services presents "Becoming Trauma Informed, Part 1: A Foundational Course for Professionals Serving Young Children and their Families". This basic workshop is designed to offer an introductory overview of the central concepts and practical changes that attend trauma-informed modifications in services. These include, among others, the definition of trauma, developing safety plans, and the impact of trauma on brain development. Information is presented and participants are engaged in small group discussions and exercises following an approach that may be adopted in a variety of programs and agencies to plan and implement trauma-informed systems change.

By the end of this presentation, participants will have:

  1. Explored the definitions of trauma;
  2. Listed those behaviors that often reflect trauma-related coping skills individuals need to protect themselves and survive;
  3. Identified/described key signs, symptoms, and manifestations of trauma;
  4. Defined re-traumatization / triggers and ways children and their families can be re-traumatized by the system designed to help them; and,
  5. Described at least 2 strategies that can help children and families exposed to trauma.


All participants must register. For more information, click here.


520 North Delaware Avenue, 7th Floor, Suite 7C, Philadelphia, PA 19123

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