Camden Trauma Summit II

Rutgers University–Camden

The 2014 Camden Trauma Summit will present an exciting opportunity to systemically apply Trauma Informed Care (TIC) to the city of Camden. The summit will include presentations from Dr. Robert Block and Dr. Sandy Bloom. 

The Summit has two main goals:

1. Present an analysis of our community using the ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences Study) and underlying Attachment Theory to "retell" the story of who we are today. ACES and Attachment Theory and then describing will be used to discuss the Camden reality and how much of our communal behavior can be seen as coping mechanisms to complex trauma, "representing" many of our social worries using a framework undergirded by ACES and Attachment Theory (TIC).

2. To reimagine Camden from a β€œbehavior problem” to one of healing opportunity . Although it might sound self-evident, openness to TIC often remains at the level of the individual. Moving to the systems model is essential for creating and sustaining healthy communities. Organizations that are working in situations of overwhelming neglect, endemic poverty and structural injustice often are experiencing vicarious trauma and don't have tools to name it and work with it. Our community structures--albeit parents, teachers, police, government officials, etc. are often managing from places of vicarious trauma. Without a systemic understanding of what is happening to us, it is difficult to change.


The hope of our conference is to first define the systemic impact of trauma in the community and then to offer possible next steps to work with it.


For full summit details and to register please visit


303 Cooper St. Camden, NJ 08102

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