J-TEN: Addiction, Trauma, and the Role of Stigma

Thomas Jefferson University: Alumni Hall

Presented by Kimberly McLaughlin, M.S., M.Ed., CAADC, LPC

It is rare today to meet someone that has not felt the effects of addiction within their families, among their friends and colleagues, or within their communities. Yet, many are still uncertain about how to help those struggling with substance use. Are we responding in a way that is stigmatizing, perpetuates trauma, or is re-traumatizing? Do we treat all impacted by substance use the same, or are some populations treated differently? This interactive workshop will explore the intertwined relationship of addiction, trauma, and stigma. Small and large group activities will challenge participants to explore how society and treatment have historically responded and identify new alternative ways of utilizing a trauma focused response.


Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • identify 2 ways trauma may present within an individual impacted by substance use.
  • identify 3 differences in the responses of society among different substance use populations.
  • identify a trauma-focused responses to addiction.

J-TEN will:

  1. Engage with communities and families to foster health and resilience.
  2. Grow interprofessional skills and competencies across sectors and among clients, patients and community members
  3. Offer resources for providers, families, communities and leaders.
  4. Reduce barriers and support equitable access to services.
  5. Bridge classrooms and care centers.
  6. Provide skills and knowledge to foster trauma responsive care.
  7. Fill gaps in research and evaluation.
  8. Advocate for trauma-informed and prevention-focused policies and practices supported by science.
  9. Educate and train providers to address the social determinants of health.
  10. Contribute to vibrant, healthy and sustainable communities and workforces.



1020 Locust St. Philadelphia, PA 19107

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