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J-TEN: Trauma, Neurobiology and Sensory Interventions

Thomas Jefferson University East Falls Campus: Downs Hall Auditorium

J-TEN: Trauma, Neurobiology and Sensory Interventions

Presented by Denise R. Wolf ATR-BC, ATCS, LPC

This four-hour workshop will provide participants with both didactic learning, experiential activities, and culminate in the creation of a sensory informed strategy for their own clinical application. The workshop will begin with an overview of the prevalence of trauma, looking at the seminal ACE’s studies.  A brief history of trauma theory as it applies to normative attachment will be reviewed including an overview of Harlow’s monkeys and Bowlby’s theory of attachment.  Next, participants will receive an overview of neural development as it applies to trauma, looking specifically at Bruce Perry’s theory of bottom up and top down regulation strategies.  The impact of sensory activities on the brain will be explored in relationship to areas of brain functioning.  Next, the importance of relationships on brain development will be discussed with an emphasis of the value of a therapeutic relationship as it pertains to brain growth and recovery.  Sensory systems will be identified, and participants will complete a sensory inventory as it pertains to a client.  Specific sensory interventions will be identified,and participants will work in small groups to complete a Sensory Strategy plan that they can implement in their practice.

Learning Objectives


Participants will be able to:

  • Describe the impact of trauma on self-regulation

  • Identify why and how sensory interventions work

  • Develop a sensory profile questionnaire

  • Create a trauma informed sensory support plan for a client/student/consumer

About J-TEN

The Jefferson Trauma Education Network (J-TEN) serves as a trauma training hub and resource repository, drawing on the expertise of Jefferson’s Community and Trauma Counseling program, along with regional and national partners.  J-TEN supports a network of trauma-informed providers and communities, with the goal of improving outcomes in the Philadelphia region and beyond. With grant support from Scattergood, J-TEN offers monthly trainings and workshops to professionals, paraprofessionals and students across disciplines and sectors, community members, parents, caregivers, and leaders.




J-TEN will:

  1. Engage with communities and families to foster health and resilience.
  2. Grow interprofessional skills and competencies across sectors and among clients, patients and community members
  3. Offer resources for providers, families, communities and leaders.
  4. Reduce barriers and support equitable access to services.
  5. Bridge classrooms and care centers.
  6. Provide skills and knowledge to foster trauma responsive care.
  7. Fill gaps in research and evaluation.
  8. Advocate for trauma-informed and prevention-focused policies and practices supported by science.
  9. Educate and train providers to address the social determinants of health.
  10. Contribute to vibrant, healthy and sustainable communities and workforces.

Register at J-TEN: Trauma, Neurobiology and Sensory Interventions

J-TEN Homepage Jefferson Trauma Education Network


3201 Schoolhouse Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19144

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