#TakeCarePHL 6- Mindfulness in the Time of COVID-19, at Work & Home 5/12/20

Free Online Virtual Cafe

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De-stress with this Free Virtual Cafe

Thursday, May 12, 2020, 3:30 - 4:30 pm (Eastern Time)

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This interactive presentation will begin with a brief introduction around the science of mindfulness & will provide an overview of various mindfulness practices with ways to implement strategies in your personal and professional life during this crisis in our community and also to support your ongoing professional resilience.


Allie Dolan, LSW and Meghan Johnson, MPH, from the Support Center for Child Advocates, share what they have learned about mindfulness & how practice can mitigate the risk of work-related stress.

Ms. Dolan and Ms. Johnson have extensive experience in training on self-care and organizational strategies to mitigate vicarious trauma and burnout. Awareness of the impact of trauma on professionals as well as strategies to cope with stress and anxiety are especially relevant in light of changes in work environments due to COVID-19 and the increased exposure to trauma for some professionals and isolation and transition to remote working for others.


The Virtual Free Cafe is a part of a series brought to you by the Philadelphia ACE Task Force Secondary Traumatic Stress Workgroup. The workgroup is gathering tools that are used by City Departments, Unions, and other Workplaces that can be shared across our city to help build wellness in our workforce, caregivers, and community and to reduce the risk of traumatic stress. As we all navigate the current pandemic and its aftermath, the workgroup members are sponsoring a series of virtual cafes that help now and #BeyondCOVID to #TakeCarePHL.

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