The Reflective Early Childhood Educator: What, Why, and How?

The Health Federation of Philadelphia

Training provided by The Health Federation of Philadelphia's Multiplying Connections Initiative through the Southeast Regional Keys, a program of PHMC.


5 PQAS credits - $21

Reflective practice is a tool that can help teachers meet the demands of children and can promote professional growth. It is an ongoing process of looking and observing, recording one’s own teaching practices and taking action to make positive changes in the classroom environment. It can foster professional development and build professional resilience. This introductory workshop will provide an overview of reflective practice, will introduce why it is important and will provide some strategies for incorporating it into one’s day-to-day work.


Click here to register. Visit the Multiplying Connections Training Calendar for more information.


1211 Chestnut Street, Suite 801, Philadelphia, PA 19107

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