The Trauma Informed Classroom

Delaware County Intermediate Unit

Course Instructor - Marcy Witherspoon, Cross-Systems Training Institute

Exposure to traumatic stress has the potential to negatively impact young children and their growing brains, as well as the social-emotional dynamics of caregiving systems. Professionals dealing with children’s' behaviors resulting from traumatic exposure are also impacted emotionally, causing increased stress and greater potential for dysfunction in the workplace. This workshop provides theoretical knowledge and practical tools and strategies to begin to address the complex causes of trauma in early life and to help create more compassionate classrooms and learning relationships.

 By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Define trauma, traumatic stress, and toxic stress
  • Understand the connection between early trauma and later functioning and health
  • Identify signs and symptoms that children may exhibit when exposed to toxic stress
  • Understand the trauma-informed principles of choice, control, and collaboration
  • Identify strategies to help dysregulated children calm down within he classroom setting


Training provided by the Health Federation of Philadelphia's Multiplying Connections Initiative through a grant from Philadelphia Health Management Corporation's  (PHMC) Southeast Regional Key (SERK) Program

Registration is open to all, and is done online through the You will need to create a login through PaKeys to register.

Questions? Call or Email Monica Sullivan 215-977-8990

For the full 2015-2016 Health Federation Keystone Stars course catalog click here - Early Childhood Education Course Catalog


DCIU- 200 Yale Avenue, Morton, PA

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