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Thomas Jefferson - East Falls Campus Downs Hall, Downs Auditorium

Since 1991, the Transcending Trauma Project (TTP) has conducted 305 in-depth life histories with 98 Holocaust survivors, their children, and their grandchildren to examine how Holocaust survivors have coped, adapted and rebuilt their lives and how their trauma and recovery has affected their families.

TTP is the only research project of its kind that has conducted large scale life history interviews with over 50 three-generation Holocaust survivor families. The application of TTP findings to trauma treatment focuses on the importance of working with family systems and directly impacting the role of communication and the developmental impact of qualitative family relationships.

Our goal is to use the collective knowledge of those in the room to come up with a strategic direction for sharing TTP’s research findings and applying lessons learned to new trauma populations and the general public. This working meeting, titled Transcending Trauma: Collaborative Efforts to Promote Recovery and Resilience, will explore the potential for collaborative efforts to promote recovery, resilience, and personal growth for communities including refugees, immigrants, struggling families, trauma survivors, those who live in poverty, and those who experience homelessness.   This focus includes the promotion of programs for the broader community and faith based groups that encourage individuals to work towards qualitative family relationships that build resilience. The discussions will include programs for varied professions that impact the well-being of communities. We hope to accomplish much during the event, though we anticipate working with participants following the event to continue the work of strategizing and disseminating information from the project.


4201 Henry Avenue, Philadelphia, PA

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