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What does a "trauma-informed" Philadelphia look like?

Shoshana Akins ·
  The Philadelphia ACEs community, as well as other communities nation-wide, has been striving to make Philadelphia one of the first "trauma-informed cities". But what does this mean? Sanctuary-trained City officials? Trauma-informed policy?...

Re: What does a "trauma-informed" Philadelphia look like?

Devpreet Kaur ·
Wow, Shoshana! The very thought of what you propose is thrilling! So do we start top-down or bottom-up? I have mixed feelings and experiences: In my old career of Performance Development and Training I know that top-down is typically ideal to gain traction and pull-through of any new initiative BUT it is fraught with political/bureaucratic my work with teaching meditation to kids and to Student Assistance Counselors (SACs) I can say that they are where the proverbial "rubber meets...
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