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Congratulations to Gina Tallerida for being the 100th person to join the Philadelphia ACEs Connection Virtual Community!  What does 100 mean?  It is a milestone that indicates there is a growing community of practice in the Philadelphia area who have a shared interest in ACEs.  By working together we have the capacity to reverse a pattern of early childhood adversity that is connected to a myriad number of social, emotional, behavioral and physical health problems across the life span.  We are researchers, teachers, trainers, doctors, psychologists, community members, survivors, social workers and more.   This is our group.  We hope you will continue to use it to share what you are doing, ask for help to advance your work, make continued connections and encourage others to join the movement!

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Thank you Jeanne for reminding me what an important sector students are in our effort to grow a movement in Philadelphia.  Training programs such as yours, that are training new professionals in trauma informed practice, are one of the best ways to build capacity for this work.  We look forward to hearing from you and your students about your work.

Congratulations on bringing together (now) 101 people in this group! With all that collective drive and inspiration, I'm sure some creative and amazing projects will emerge!

Cheers, Jane

Thank you for the welcome!   There have been so many great articles and discussions being posted - already feel like I'm learning so much while being updated on current events in the field.    Looking forward to the future :-)

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