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Rebuilding Lives while Building Homes: Tony McGuire's Resilience-Building Carpentry Class

Tony McGuire is a great carpenter. He ran his own construction business for years. Then he wanted to get into teaching. He became a Tenured Faculty member at a local community college, and landed in the state penitentiary as a Basic Skills Carpentry instructor. So how could that be connected to saving lives with a 20 buck investment? Tony got touched by CRI’s trauma-informed training. He saw himself past and present and knew somehow that, “with this information comes the responsibility to...

Mindfulness could be a key to recovering from substance abuse, experts say []

Mindfulness might offer more than relief from daily stress. Research now suggests it can boost recovery from addiction and trauma. Investigators at USC believe the contemplative practice could represent the next major breakthrough in the treatment of substance use and major mental health issues. "It's a very different way of doing therapy and being in therapy," said Jordan Davis, an assistant professor at the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work. "But it's like the Wild West right...

Emotional Fitness: 3 Essential Habits for Better Mental Health []

Emotional Fitness is the simple idea that our minds need regular exercise and training just as much as our bodies do in order to stay healthy and fit. Consider the following: Have you ever wished you could handle stress with a little more grace and a little less anxiety ? Do you frequently get the sense that your most important relationships would be stronger and more satisfying if you could get a better handle on your own emotional struggles? Or maybe you are about to enter a new phase of...

How Mindfulness Actually Works, and Why It Can Change Your Life []

Gary Weber estimates that he has clocked over 30,000 hours of meditation and yoga. It all began in 1972. As a 29-year-old Ph.D. student at Penn State University, he felt that he was struggling for control over his own brain. Like many of us, it frustrated him that he couldn’t manage the constant stream of thoughts roaming around in his consciousness. Anxieties about the past, the future, and everything in between would come and go without him having any say in the matter. Deciding that...

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