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Resilience Is the Goal of Governments and Employers Who Expect People to Endure Crisis []

John F. Kennedy once told an Indiana audience that “when written in Chinese,” the word “crisis” contains the characters for “emergency” and “opportunity.” It doesn’t . But ever since that 1959 speech, politicians and motivational speakers have invoked Kennedy’s mistaken language tutorial to talk about the importance of persistence, creativity, and, these days, that favorite buzzword, resilience. Resilience is everywhere, its popularity cresting with the setbacks that afflict us: climate...

Shame Resilience: A Critical Component to Anti-Racist Work

In a recent episode of the podcast Unlocking Us, Brené Brown discusses the power of shame and how it is not an effective tool for social justice. She goes on to explain that shame is in fact real pain that is defined as the “intensely painful feeling or experience of believing that we are flawed and therefore unworthy of love, belonging, and connection.” It is in fact so powerful that when we experience shame, it triggers a fight, flight or freeze response. She identifies shame as a tool of...

Confidence as a Relationship Superpower (Good Men Project).

By Ken Blackman, June 1, 2020, Good Men Project. As I gained confidence as a man, I was able to skillfully take the lead in my relationship, in a way that felt good to my partner. I became attractively assertive. But I’ll tell you something. Do you know what else takes confidence? Apologizing cleanly. With no defensiveness. And not to placate or manage her feelings. Just a clear, honest expression of regret. I didn’t get good at apologizing — or rather, I didn’t really understand what an...

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