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For Many People with Anxiety, Self-Care Just Doesn’t Work []

A few months ago, I decided to make some changes in my life to address my problems with anxiety . I told my husband I was going to do one thing every day just for myself. I called it radical self-care, and I felt very good about it. I have two little kids and don’t get much time to myself, so the idea of doing one thing just for me, every single day, certainly felt radical. I jumped in with both feet, insisting on taking a walk or spending time doing yoga or even just sitting alone on the...

The Importance of Connecting with Your Inner Child

When I first started therapy, every time I heard the words "inner child" I wanted to puke. First of all, the only memories I have from my childhood aren't really memories. They are home videos. I have no idea how I felt as a child, and I certainly didn't care to do so. I wanted to put all of that in the past. After all, could my so-called "inner child" really play that big of a role in my life today? Well, as it turns out, she does. Sometimes, my inner child takes over, and I become an...

Optimists For The Win: Finding The Bright Side Might Help You Live Longer []

By Patti Neighmond, National Public Radio, September 1, 2019 Good news for the cheery: A Boston study published this month suggests people who tend to be optimistic are likelier than others to live to be 85 years old or more. That finding was independent of other factors thought to influence life's length — such as "socioeconomic status, health conditions, depression, social integration, and health behaviors," the researchers from Boston University School of Medicine and the Harvard T.H.

Secondary Traumatic Stress for Educators: Understanding and Mitigating the Effects [KQED]

By Jessica Lander Roughly half of American school children have experienced at least some form of trauma — from neglect, to abuse, to violence. In response, educators often find themselves having to take on the role of counselors, supporting the emotional healing of their students, not just their academic growth. With this evolving role comes an increasing need to understand and address the ways in which student trauma affects our education professionals. In a growing number of professions,...

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