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Bitterman: Coronavirus in Oklahoma: Teacher parades let students, educators connect from a distance


Teachers from schools around the Oklahoma City metro area have been lining up their cars in caravans and parading through their students’ neighborhoods this week to show their students how much they care about them.

The teachers have written on their windows with car paint and taped on hand-written signs with messages of how much they love and miss their students.

“We miss y’all,” read a sign held by one teacher Wednesday in Reagan Elementary's parade in Norman.

The caravans have snaked down streets in neighborhoods in Moore, Norman and other parts of the metro with teachers and school faculty members honking their horns and waving as they drive past their students. And students and parents have been shouting back with thanks and love.

The parades — which can take about three hours from start to finish — have been a way for teachers to show how much they care about their students and have been a positive moment for the communities they’ve driven through.

“We just missed our students and wanted to get out and wave to them and spread some good cheer,” said Sara Maddock, a reading specialist at Washington Elementary in Norman. “But what we didn't really expect in return was that they were sharing the love and spreading the cheer back to us.”

Kids and families have held up signs, chalked messages in their driveways and hung up signs on their garages and fences to let the teachers and schools know that their students love and miss them, too.

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