More & more states are connecting family friendly workplace practices to early childhood development


In Oklahoma, we call it the Family Positive Workplace but the basics and premise are the same. Employers who implement even a few of these practices are contributing to reducing the stress on and improving the work - family life balance of their employees. 

In 2018, the Potts Family Foundation introduced the Oklahoma Certified Family Positive Workplace initiative and recognized 12 businesses across the state with the Certification. This year we will recognize 32 more businesses. 

The integration between improving workplace policies/practices and early childhood investment is a logical and natural one and most studies indicate some level of benefit for the employers, as well!

Employers are recognizing that employees are the critical difference between good businesses and great businesses. By investing in Family Positive Workplace Practices, businesses increase employee loyalty and morale and contribute to families raising children who will become better students, employees and citizens.

Check out the work being done in our neighboring state of Colorado - Click here for more information.

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