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Successful Logic Modeling Training for Raising Resilient Oklahomans Self-Healing Community Teams


On Thursday, January 28, at the first monthly meeting of 2021 for the Oklahoma Self-Healing Community (SHC) teams, members participated in a workshop on Logic Modeling. The workshop was led by Dr. Mike Stout, Associate Professor with theOSU-Tulsa Center for Public Life, with assistance from graduate research assistants Patrick Grayshaw and Carly Dunn. Participants included team members from several of the 20 SHCs teams who participated in the October 2019 workshop led by Laura Porter co-founder of ACE Interface.

Teams were encouraged to bring their mission and vision statements as the basis for developing a logic model for their program/initiative. Our statewide team developed the following mission and vision statements:

Mission: Raising Resilient Oklahomans is a network of local coalitions transforming the culture and inspiring creative and powerful solutions for building healthy, thriving communities.

Vision: To build community engagement and capacity enabling all children and families to reach their full potential.

Some of our core values include:

Learning-Centered Network
Grassroots-Level Solutions-Oriented
100% Community
Possibilities Thinking
Shared Decision Making
People, Not Programs, Change People

To support these efforts, the Potts Family Foundation has contracted with ACE Interface to sponsor their Training of Master Trainers program which will be held in late March. These master trainers will help us take the NEAR (neurology, epigenetics, ACES, resilience) science deep into our communities with the goal of education informing action, change and growth at the community level and ultimately raising resilient Oklahomans!

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