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The Impact of Covid 19 Stress; Let’s Flatten This Curve!


There have been several recent projections about the dramatic impact the spread and devastation of the corona virus, shelter at home, social distancing and economic hardships will have on many, many people of all ages across our globe.  Experts are warning of huge increases in depression, suicide, anxiety, substance abuse and other emotional and physical adversities from the virus’s impact on society.  Many want to urge legislatures to fund treatment for this future spike. True, the legislatures of our states do need to be aware and appropriately prepare, however, my prevention mindset instantly began formulating a way to help slow or stop some of the long term challenges our stressful reactions may create. Since we flattened the curve of hospitalizations by putting preventative measures into place, why not flatten the curve the increased stress will create? Let’s work to prevent the catastrophic escalation in depression, anxiety, substance abuse and other projected consequences.

I propose those people who understand stress and trauma work to increase basic knowledge throughout our society by targeting education for all family members, friends, staff, clients, customers and students.  My vision led me to create three quick videos to be disseminated to as many people as possible to increase common knowledge about our brain and body connection, how to regulate our body’s reaction to stress or fear, and how to bring those two concepts to action to make our world capable of coming together with compassion.  I believe this broad education needs to be vast and fast! 

Vast—People in all sectors of society need to learn this information.  Every person on the planet has reactions to emotions and threat; we all need awareness of how our brain and body react.  Now, we may all be more easily triggered and react, especially since we have been told for weeks that just physically being close to other people is a threat to our health or a loved one.

Fast—We need to spread this information quickly.  As communities begin to leave shelter in place, it will be important that we all understand the difference between reacting instinctively or responding thoughtfully.  

The more people who understand this brain and body connection and how to regulate to come back to a place of thoughtful response, the more we can help each other to respond with compassion in order to share our calm instead of joining the chaos.

I created the informational videos to be stated in simplistic language with basic knowledge.  People who are knowledgeable about the brain, emotions, stress or trauma will not find new information; hopefully, though, they will respond to my call of action and spread this knowledge in ways that are vast and fast. Let’s flatten this curve, too.

If you do choose to share the videos, feel free to send me an email and let me know you have helped our world Come Together With Compassion!

Part 1 Awareness          Part 2 Adjustment          Part 3 Action

Written and created by: Cheryl Step MS, LPC, NCC, NCSC

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