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The Potts Family Foundation is passionate about improving the condition of Oklahoma’s future workforce: our children. While all children benefit from early and proven investments in character and cognitive development programs, economic studies have proven that children in lower socio-economic households benefit the most. Rates of return for these children can be in the double digits. More than one in five children in Oklahoma live in poverty. The families of these children face many obstacles to being able to provide safe, stable and nurturing environments.  

The OK25by25 – Oklahoma Early Childhood Coalition, formed in 2016, is a nonpartisan coalition of allied organizations, business leaders (OKCEOs) and a legislative caucus acting as catalysts for greater investment in resources for early childhood development. They educate and advocate to help guide policy makers while providing the financial support to leverage additional dollars.

Oklahoma remains among the bottom 25 percent of states in almost every indicator of child well-being. The timeframe to “bend the trends” is long term but requires immediate action. The goal of the OK25by25 Coalition is to be in the top 25 states by 2025.

According to the most recent report on Adverse Childhood Experiences, Oklahoma (tied with two other states) has the highest percentage of children, age 0-5, with one or more ACEs. As a part of the Foundation’s education and advocacy efforts, we hosted the Raising Resilient Oklahomans! Summit on March 7, 2018. Our outstanding keynote speakers, Dr. Rob Anda and Susan E. Craig, Ph.D., were complemented by statewide experts. The summit was attended by nearly 500 cross-disciplinary professionals who work with children and families across Oklahoma.

We take this opportunity to host the Raising Resilient Oklahomans! community on ACEsConnection to further the conversation with and among those in our state and beyond who are committed to growing those communities where we live, work and play by improving the lives of our children and their families.

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