May 2018

Early Childhood Learning is an Investment

Warren Buffett has been quoted saying: “I would love being a baby being born in the U.S. today." "Really?" I wondered. I think he might want to qualify his statement a bit and say, in certain ZIP codes in the U.S. today.” Because, unfortunately, ZIP codes make a difference in the outcome of a baby's life.

Advocacy Training and a Celebration for Students

Over the past year, OICA has redirected much of our direct service to supporting foster youth, with this party and OK Foster Wishes. We are very happy that we have been able to work with the many partners to see this endeavor be successful. If you would like to be a part of one of these programs, please reach out to us at (405) 236-5437 or for more information. We are a statewide program, so we are looking for Oklahomans from every part of the state to join with us for the...

The States Where People Die Young

"We’ve known for some time now that Americans are increasingly dying younger , but the scale and nature of the problem has been a little bit murky....In five states—Kentucky, Oklahoma, New Mexico, West Virginia, and Wyoming—the probability of early death among young adults rose by more than 10 percent in that time frame." Oklahoma is far to high on the wrong measures and far too low on the right ones. #ok25by25 Click on the link below to read more from the article in The Atlantic: ...

The Students and Teachers Upending Traditional Approaches to Discipline

What happens when you don’t blame kids for bad behavior? An elementary school in Columbus, Ohio is trying to find out. Click on the link below to read an article from The Atlantic about innovative approaches - based on brain science - to student discipline by teaching self-regulation and impulse control techniques.

Limited Dollars, Significant Influence: How We Advocate, Convene & Catalyze

So Your Grant $ Don’t Go Far? Then be little but loud! Using your voice with people of influence can move others to action. Be they business, foundation or policy makers; you have credibility (earned or not) just by virtue of being a foundation. You can provide a stronger voice for the cause represented by the nonprofits that do the work you care about. That voice can be through social media, through newspaper editorials, through presentations to civic groups, etc. You can involve volunteer...

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