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Comment by Sarah E. Wright

I'd love to add my newly published book into the mix! "Redefining Trauma: Understanding and coping with a cortisoaked brain" by Sarah E.
Sarah E. Wright

Comment by Veronique Mead

Great to see these much needed resources. If it's helpful, I have compiled a list of somatically based trauma therapists practitioner...
Veronique Mead

Comment by suzanne starseed

Hello. I'd like to recommend a book I recently published that focuses quite specifically on ACE's and public policy. This is from the...

Comment by hannah sherebrin

I can not find the list of languages that the testing tools are translated to. I could help translate into Hebrew and perhaps publicize...
hannah sherebrin

Comment by Jondi Whitis

I'd offer this printable brochure from ACEP's Humanitarian Committee; you can also order it from the site in good, coated card-stock...
Jondi Whitis

Comment by Angela Hamilton

I had been hoping to post this image because I thought I remembered that it had racism under Community. I would love to see it be updated.
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