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Kitsap Strong's 3rd Annual Resiliency Summit

Kitsap Strong is excited to launch the 3rd Annual Resiliency Summit! In the hopes of making an engaging and inclusive virtual education experience, we have arranged for a full month of Lunch Time Learning sessions during the Month of October! This month-long (Monday - Friday) lunch and learn series will be a hope-filled experience in connecting, learning, and growing together to build a more resilient community! We are honored to offer increadible sessions provided by: Roberto Dansie-...

Landscape of ACEs-related data from national surveys in the United States

Compiling data sources of ACEs statistics is critical to identify gaps in ACEs research in the US and Georgia. There is a lack of consistent data on ACE statistics. Resilient Georgia is an Atlanta-based organization that works towards creating an integrated behavioral health system by streamlining public and private efforts and resources to enhance trauma informed care through research, policy, and practice in Georgia. University of Georgia (UGA), College of Public Health Ph.D. student Kiran...

Column: New billboard campaign alerts us to adverse childhood experiences: ‘What is shareable is bearable’ []

By Jerry Davich, Chicago Tribune, September 7, 2020 “Be loving. Be caring. Be there.” These three simple child-rearing reminders can do so much to curtail the barrage of adverse childhood experiences in what can be an abusive, neglectful society. “Adverse childhood experiences,” or ACEs, are defined as emotionally traumatic events that can occur any time before a child turns 18. These situations include divorce, domestic violence, sexual abuse, emotional neglect, parental mental illness and...

Ann Penn-Charles casts a wide net to reduce generational trauma in Washington State coastal tribes

You could say that Ann Penn-Charles, a native of La Push, Washington, was a natural resilience builder even before there was an ACE Study. La Push is a Native American reservation on the western edge of Olympic National Park, where the Quileute Nation ancestors of “Miss Ann”, as she is known, have lived for generations. Although she faced hardships growing up on the reservation, including having her first child when she was a junior in high school, she was able to graduate with the support...

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