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The Roanoke Valley TICN began in 2017 with the goal of educating & empowering non-profits, social services, and education providers about ACEs, trauma, and its ongoing effects. Since then, the network has grown to 20+ organizations and is in its second learning cohort of organizations transforming their systems to better serve their staff and their clients.
How to Get Involved:
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*any events not held by the RV TICN are purely informational and not an endorsement of any organization, individual, or perspective*

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Blog Posts

The value of ACEs Connection? It has increased our capacity, allowed me to be global, and given me the confidence to continue the work.

Hi. I’m Audravette Jackson , the Hampton Rhodes Trauma Informed Community Network Program Coordinator. I am excited to share why ACEs Connection is a valuable website for other program coordinators and community managers like myself. First, the ACEs Connection website has allowed us to increase our capacity by including another web presence online, as well [learning] the governance structure of the growing resilience communities that we follow for Hampton Rhodes Trauma Informed Community...

First, Do No Harm: The Need for Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness []

By David Treleaven, Shambhala Mountain Center, January 7, 2021 A few months ago, I was approached with a problem by a colleague who taught meditation in a classroom setting. Here was the issue: a student of hers had lost her father to COVID-19, and was struggling with symptoms of traumatic stress. When she’d meditate, images and sensations would flood her field of consciousness, leaving her more rattled than before. “Should I keep meditating?” she’d asked my colleague. “I want to work with...

8 Ways to Combat “Working From Home Fatigue” and Boost Your Energy (

When many of us began working remotely at the start of the pandemic , there seemed to be some advantages to working from home : no lengthy and costly commutes, more family time, greater flexibility, and more time to exercise. Since then, though, we’ve discovered there are downsides. The truth is, working from home can lead to overwhelm , exhaustion, and even burnout . That’s partly the result of blurred lines between our work and personal lives. “‘Working From Home Fatigue’ isn’t all in your...

The Role Social Relationships Play In Transforming Stress:

"Nothing about these experiences of adversity and trauma is inevitable in terms of the development of the child."-Dr. Gerry Giesbrecht The adverse childhood experiences study has taught us that 2/3 individuals has experienced some form of childhood adversity between the age of 0-17 years, and that this adversity can have long term negative effects on the individual. But how might this adversity impact a mom and her baby? According to my latest conversation with Dr. Giesbrecht, approximately...

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