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The Roanoke Valley TICN began in 2017 with the goal of educating & empowering non-profits, social services, and education providers about ACEs, trauma, and its ongoing effects. Since then, the network has grown to 20+ organizations and is in its second learning cohort of organizations transforming their systems to better serve their staff and their clients.
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Blog Posts

These Cajeta Drizzles Represent Scars: 'Sad Girl Creamery' Serves Ice Cream with a Side of Mental Health Awareness []

PACESCONNECTION COMMUNITIES ACES IN YOUTH SERVICES BLOG THESE CAJETA DRIZZLES REPRESENT SCARS: 'SAD GIRL CREAMERY' SERVES ICE CREAM WITH A SIDE OF MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS [LATACO.COM] By Janette Villafan, L.A. Taco, April 5, 2021 Ice cream served with a side of mental health awareness. This is the concept behind Sad Girl Creamery , a Latina-owned ice cream pop-up that was seven years in the making opened by SueEllen Mancini. “I’ve been wanting to start this for a long time. I definitely...

What Your Body Has to Do With Social Change (

Using somatics to explore trauma can help make authentic connection and collectivity more possible. In 2009, my beloved movement comrade Malkia Cyril invited me to a course called Somatics and Social Justice being offered by a group called Generative Somatics. “The word somatics comes from the Greek root soma, which means ‘the living organism in its wholeness.’ It is the best word we have in English to understand human beings as an integrated mind/body/spirit, and as social, relational...

A 10-Minute Gratitude Practice to Notice, Shift, and Rewire Your Brain (

When we find ourselves in a rut , it becomes easier to focus on what’s wrong and minimize what’s right. This gratitude practice is designed to change that; its aim is to amplify the experience of optimism . Hundreds of studies show that this simple shift leads to enhanced mood, better relationships, and even enhanced physical health. A 10-Minute Gratitude Practice to Notice, Shift, and Rewire To read Nate Klemp's article, and access the 10-minute gratitude practice, please click here.

Heal the Forest for the Tree

“ Trauma always happens within a context, and so does healing. To understand the impact of trauma means being acutely sensitive to the environment—to the conditions under which people grew up, to how they live today, and to the journeys they have taken along the way .” Creating an environment that exudes calm, safety, and compassion is a goal of trauma-informed systems. It is a profound paradigm shift in knowledge, perspective, attitudes and skills that continues to deepen and unfold over...

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