Sacramento County ACEs & Resilience Awareness and Action Day Proclamation

March 14, 2019

Dear Resilient Sacramento Members, 

The ACEs Connection Resilient Sacramento Community is working on a Proclamation for the Board of Supervisors/Chair’s approval and signature to designate May 22nd as Adverse Childhood Experiences & Resilience Awareness and Action Day. 

As a member of this Community, I have been working on this effort and am thrilled to report there are similar efforts in progress or passed in cities, counties, and states across the country, including the State of California, whose Assembly Concurrent Resolution, published May 22, 2018, has designated May 22nd as State Trauma-Informed Day.

Given your long-time leadership in the Trauma/ACEs and Resilience movements, I want to share the Resilient Sac Community’s draft proclamation (dated 3.15.19) with you and ask if you and/or your organization would be willing to submit a letter of support for its approval.

Please give me a call with any questions, and thank you for your consideration.


Wendie Skala

Wendie Skala

Steering Committee ACEs Connection Resilient Sacramento


Attachment: 3.15.19 DRAFT County Resilient Sac Proclamation

                    CA Assembly Concurrent Resolution No. 235



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