Video: RYSE Presents...Revealing White Privilege and Healing Racial Trauma with Dr. Ken Hardy


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Trauma and Healing Learning Series, Session 5: Revealing White Privilege and Healing Racial Trauma

WHAT: Against a backdrop of the national Black Lives Matter movement and the rich local history of intersecting movements for social justice, young people of color face continued threats and exposure to harm including displacement, unwelcoming schools, over-policing, and dominant media narratives fueling white denial and fear. Just as ever, more than ever, the adults and systems responsible for their well-being are more than obligated to recognize, remedy, and reimagine a world where their lives matter.

In the 5th Session of RYSE’s Trauma and Healing Learning Series, we invite you to Revealing White Privilege and Healing Racial Trauma.  Dr. Kenneth Hardy, internationally recognized clinician, author, and trainer is returning  to share insights to work together to reveal and heal the psychological wounds of white privilege in order enliven justice, reconciliation, and liberation.

This session wass co-hosted by RYSE and The James Morehouse Project at El Cerrito High School.

ABOUT THE LEARNING SERIES: RYSE works to shift the conditions of inequity and dehumanization of young people of color in our community. Our aim is to transform and create systems that effectively respond to and meet their priorities, needs, and interests. Towards this, we hold and cultivate a beloved community that meets young people where they are, supports them in where they want and need to go, stays brave and loving with them and on their behalf. Now in its 4th year, the Series' events continue to engage our communities in collective learning, shared commitment, and healing-centered practices to best serve our young people and families.

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