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Meeting summaries

Traumatic Brain Injury and the Relationship to ACEs

Laura Williams, MA, LPC spoke on the relationship between traumatic brain injury (TBI) and ACEs at the Oct 8 Resilient Sacramento Meeting. One striking research finding was the rate for TBI is increased in children and youth who have pre-injury psychiatric disorders and those who are experiencing high psychosocial risk (ACEs). In her work at the Veterans Treatment Courts in Colorado Springs and Denver, assessments showed over 80 percent of the clients had both ACEs and TBI. A lively...

Resilient Sacramento Joined by Local and State Representatives to Discuss Addressing ACEs in Our Community

For our October 2017 meeting, we had the honor of hosting two guests: California State Assemblymember McCarty and Sacramento County Supervisor Serna. Assemblymember McCarty and Supervisor Serna are both allies of ACEs work. They joined our Resilient Sacramento meeting to share their ACEs-related efforts and to learn from the expertise of our community partners. We, Resilient Sacramento, had several primary goals for the meeting. First, we wanted to give our partners an opportunity to share...

September Meeting Summary

Resilient Sacramento Meeting Summary for September 13, 2016 (For attendees, see attached version of notes) Welcome and Mindfulness Minute We practiced vagus nerve breathing exercise. Included handouts on this exercise and other ways that mindfulness calms stress. Introductions and Celebrations Action Group Report Backs Outreach : We have materials (at meeting for people to take away and share) and multiple trainings and information sessions scheduled to get the word out about ACEs Policy :...

August 2016 Meeting Summary Notes

Major Announcement: Nadine Burke Harris confirmed her availability for November 1. Other logistics are still being worked out. The goals of the event are: getting policy stakeholders to become informed about the work of Resilient Sacramento and its relevance to creating a healthy Sacramento community. Join us for our September meeting as we continue to build out this event.

April Meeting Summary

Meeting notes from April 12, 2016 are pasted below and attached as well. We had a great presentation from Kaytie Speziale of the San Francisco Traum-Informed Systems Initiative, and Sacramento ACEs members shared concrete ways that they have collaborated to increase trauma-informed work in Sacramento (links provided). Additional materials from the special presentation will be posted separately.

Sacramento ACEs Connection’s Successful First Step at Developing Guiding Principles

On December 8, 2015, Sacramento ACEs Connection came together to begin the process of developing a shared mission, vision, and set of guiding principles that will help provide focus and direction to the group’s future collaborative strategies and activities.  13 ACEs partners were in attendance, with the overall objective of understanding the core values for each individual, so that we could better understand the values that would drive us as a group. At the beginning of our...

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