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Action Group on Trauma Informed Schools

'Trauma Training Plus' for Schools and Districts

Good Day Educators, I am hopeful your reading this and still enjoying a summer break! Do you have or know of a site struggling with behavior? Staff overwhelm? Have you thought of training in Trauma? Or have had training in Trauma and just do not know what to do next? If yes, please read... Here is the long version of what I offer that most likely is different and Thank you so much for being here, a part of ACES Connection and giving me a platform to share. Here is my website:...

9 Key Resources on Trauma-Informed Schools []

Becoming a trauma-informed school helps ensure your students feel safe. Many students who have experienced trauma have challenges with self-regulation and with learning. But, it’s not always easy to recognize a student who may be suffering. Frustration can mask symptoms, causing those students to act out and make that behavior easy to misrecognize. So, it’s imperative your staff know how to recognize the signs. Not sure where to start? Here are nine resources so you can start educating your...

Oakland Is Ending Willful Defiance Suspensions AND Funding Restorative Justice!

"Oakland Unified school board voted unanimously Wednesday night (May 11) to eliminate willful defiance as a reason to suspend any student and to invest at least $2.3 million to expand restorative justice practices in its schools". Our neighbors to the West have done a powerful thing- ending suspensions for willful defiance, which clearly had become an abused strategy for teachers struggling with classroom management. Ending willful defiance and replacing it with relationship-building...

Building Trauma Informed School Communities - Echo Parenting and Education Conference

A national forum bringing together the most respected thought leaders in trauma and education. For all interested in trauma-informed schools, please read about the upcoming Echo Parenting and Education conference coming up March 16th & 17th in Los Angeles.

Could We Have a Revolution in the Lives of Teachers and Students?

Rebecca Pepper Sinkler- former editor of The New York Times Book Review and editor of SafeKidsStories shares the perspective of staff who attended a course given by the Institute for Family Professionals (IFP) , an organization based in Philadelphia that, since 2003, has provided training for professionals who work with children and families. Using recent research on brain theory and the effects of childhood trauma, IFP provides researched and proven best practices on topics such as...

The Power of Home Visits to Connect Teachers with Kids and their Families

The teacher home visit is making a comeback in California because it’s proving to be a good way for teachers to build relationships with families. The state now requires schools to make family engagement a priority, so more districts are turning to the Parent Teacher Home Visit Project in Sacramento that has been training teachers for years to visit students and families on their own turf. Read the full story from KQED's California report.

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