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June 2020

Collective Trauma Healing Strategies for Educators: Seeds of Hope

Dana Brown, California's ACEs Science Statewide Facilitator, and Tracie Travers , Jobs for Maine's Graduates, JAG Main State Trainer, discuss the importance of acknowledging fear, loss, and vulnerability during the COVID-19 pandemic. It includes: Tips to build resilience Self-care strategies Multiple resources with hyperlinks are provided in this video designed to support school partners and their employees as they support students and communities. Video Link: Collective Trauma Healing...

Hundreds of thousands of San Diego kids eligible for $365 for groceries in addition to grab-n-go meals (

On Thursday, the San Diego Hunger Coalition announced that students who are enrolled in free or reduced-price school breakfasts and lunches are eligible to receive a one-time payment of $365 for groceries in addition to grab-n-go meals while schools are closed. It's all apart of the state's Pandemic-EBT program that launched on May 22. According to the San Diego Hunger Coalition, an estimated 250,000 kids are eligible for the payment. “If we can successfully enroll all kids who are eligible...

ACEs Connection launches Cooperative of Communities

The ACEs Connection Cooperative of Communities launches today. We want to continue to contribute to the ACEs movement for as long as it takes to create a worldwide healing-centered culture based on ACEs science. We want that to take hold in this world in the same way electricity has — we only notice it if it isn’t there. First, a clarification: Nothing on changes! Membership remains free! Everything our current 300+ communities use stays free, and remains free for new ones.

Local Affiliates Accelerate ACEs-and-Resilience Movement in Montana

In Toole County, Montana, deputy sheriffs call a school counselor, from their patrol cars, after responding to a traumatic incident—a domestic abuse call, an overdose, an arrest—that involves a child. “Handle with care,” they tell the counselor, and they give the child’s name. The counselor passes that information to teachers: a quiet heads-up that the student might be hungry or sleepy, tearful, angry or distracted by whatever happened at home. “My teachers love it,” says Mary Miller, chair...

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