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Did you know that when you post something here, it shows up in a Google search? Is it possible to post a question that is not made public? I am asking because I posted a need for a therapist for a specific situation, I didn't mention any names or confidential information but I would have never posted somewhere I thought could be seen on Google. I thought it was only our members who had access to the post.

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Hi Christy, we'll try to do a better job distinguishing the difference between our public San Diego County (CA) ACEs Connection group vs. our private SD-TIGT Membership.  I believe you are a member of both.


Anything that is shared in the SD-TIGT Membership group is ONLY viewed by the 34 members of the group and no one else. We have a Resource Committee meeting on Monday and I'll bring up your concerns, so hopefully people can feel more free to share and dialogue within our private group. 

The San Diego Trauma-Informed Guide Team works to promote trauma-informed services in the San Diego region through collaboration, advocacy, and education. This community is meant to foster connection among the SD-TIGT membership and advance trauma-informed practices.
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