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San Mateo County ACEs Connection is a community for all who are invested in creating a trauma-informed and resilient San Mateo County. This is a space to share resources, information, successes, and challenges related to addressing trauma and building resiliency, particularly in young children and their families.

January 2020

Opinion: Screenings Alone Won’t Prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences—We Must Address Community Trauma []

By Rachel A. Davis and Howard Pinderhughes, California Health Report, December 19, 2019 Earlier this month, California’s Surgeon General Nadine Burke Harris launched an ambitious campaign to reduce adverse childhood experiences, which can cause lifelong health problems. With more than 60 percent of Californians saying they were exposed to a traumatic childhood event, adverse childhood experiences are at crisis levels in the state. The ACEs Aware campaign will train and pay health care...

Join Feb. 18th webinar on addressing ACEs in public policy

Please join this ACEs Connection co-sponsored webinar "Making Meaningful Change: Addressing ACEs through Public Policy" on Feb. 18 (11:30 am-1:00 pm ET) presented by the Health Federation of Philadelphia and MARC (Mobilizing Action for Resilient Communities). In this webinar, three nationally recognized experts will discuss policy and advocacy strategies on a local, state, and national level using evidence from studies they have conducted with legislators and the general public. Speakers...

ACEs screening in CA — a Q and A with Dr. Dayna Long

Last year, the California Department of Health Care Services rolled out its plans for universal screening for trauma among its pediatric and adult Medicaid population. Beginning January 1, 2020, California physicians were able to receive an incentive payment of $29 for each pediatric patient screened for ACEs using the PEARLs ( Pediatrics Adverse Childhood and Resilience Study) tool. Dr. Dayna Long talked with ACEs Connection staff reporter Laurie Udesky about ACEs science, what led to the...

TRAINING: Cultural Humility 101: Building Bridges to Diversity and Inclusion

Training opportunity for San Mateo County BHRS non-clinical staff. Wednesday, February 12th 2020 9:30a-12:30p or 1:00-4:00 Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Room 114 1300 S. El Camino Real, San Mateo, CA Course Description: We all strive to engage effectively with our diverse population of customers, patients, and colleagues. Cultural humility offers one approach to engage with the ever-changing dynamics of culture and difference, power and privilege, as we go through our day-to-day work.

New 'Food Hub' for Low-Income Residents Launched in Bay Area []

By Erica Hellerstein, Cal Matters, January 17, 2020 A new Alameda County program focused on the connections between poverty, food and employment opened Friday morning, the latest in a countywide effort to help low-income residents by increasing access to jobs and fresh produce. The newly built, 3,300-square-foot space will provide a commercial kitchen for small, home-based food entrepreneurs, land to grow fresh produce and a place to package leftover food retrieved from some local schools to...

4 years after integrating ACEs science, Pueblo, CO clinic improves services for families; cuts ER costs, doctor stress

Four years ago, Dr. Leslie Dempsey would never have talked about ACEs — adverse childhood experiences — with her patients. Now ACEs is a common topic. “Just as I don’t feel awkward asking someone if they smoke or do intravenous drugs, I don’t really feel awkward talking about their childhood traumas in a way that it relates to their health. It’s just integrated into obtaining background and social history,” she says. Dr. Leslie Dempsey Dempsey is a physician in obstetrics who oversees a team...

New Publication in Health Promotion Practice Journal Provides a Framework for Action on ACEs

Advocates, leaders, and professionals in the child health and well-being space have identified a need for concrete steps for building resilience to prevent ACEs. Current frameworks focused on ACEs fall short of including a multilevel approach, considering the role of health equity in well-being, and providing concrete, tangible steps for implementation across the life span. The empower action model addresses childhood adversity as a root cause of disease by building resilience across...

Screening for Childhood Trauma

Dr. Ken Epstein has been in the social services sector for nearly four decades and has witnessed firsthand the long-term effects of trauma. As both the son and father of fellow social workers, the work runs in his blood. Now, he’s helping Bay Area health clinics screen for and address childhood trauma through the Resilient Beginnings Collaborative (RBC), led by Center for Care Innovations (CCI) and made possible by Genentech.

Bay Area doctors target health consequences of childhood trauma []

By Erin Allday, 1/5/2020 A screening tool developed by Bay Area pediatricians to identify adverse childhood experiences, ranging from homelessness and food insecurity to physical and sexual abuse, will now help doctors statewide address trauma affecting patients’ health. The California Department of Health Care Services approved the tool — called PEARLS, for Pediatric ACEs and Related Life-Events Screener — last month. As of Jan. 1, its use is covered by Medi-Cal, and it will be available to...

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