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San Mateo County (CA)

San Mateo County ACEs Connection is a community for all who are invested in creating a trauma-informed and resilient San Mateo County. This is a space to share resources, information, successes, and challenges related to addressing trauma and building resiliency, particularly in young children and their families.

June 2019

How to Implement Trauma-informed Care to Build Resilience to Childhood Trauma []

Children who are exposed to traumatic life events are at significant risk for developing serious and long-lasting problems across multiple areas of development. [1] , [2] , [3] , [4] However, children are far more likely to exhibit resilience to childhood trauma when child-serving programs, institutions, and service systems understand the impact of childhood trauma, share common ways to talk and think about trauma, and thoroughly integrate effective practices and policies to address it—an...

Promoting a Community Approach for Mental Well-Being in Our Littlest Citizens [Chronicle of Social Change]

Several years ago, my sister and I watched my 2-year-old nephew’s behavior change dramatically. He started wetting the bed, throwing temper tantrums and getting frustrated so quickly. In any other child, it might have been normal “terrible twos,” but in him we knew something was definitely wrong. At the time, my sister and her husband were getting divorced. Ultimately, we found out that my nephew thought it was his fault, thus the acting out. This was my first exposure to the impact of...

One-Time Diversity Training Programs Are Ineffective in Changing Behavior, Study Finds []

According to a new study from the University of Pennsylvania, the one-time diversity training programs that are common among organizations are not beneficial for remedying bias in the workplace. For their study, the research team asked 10,000 employees if they would volunteer to participant in a workplace training session. Of all the employees, 3,000 participants volunteered. The researchers placed them randomly in one of two one-hour trainings: a diversity training or placebo training that...

Don’t Talk about Implicit Bias Without Talking about Structural Racism [National Equity Project]

Implicit bias has been in the news a lot lately. At the National Equity Project , we think it is an important topic that warrants our attention, but it is critical that any learning about implicit bias includes both clear information about the neuroscience of bias and the context of structural racism that gave rise to and perpetuates inequities and harmful racial biases. As leaders for equity, we have to examine, unpack and mitigate our own biases and dismantle the policies and structures...

Suisun Elementary (CA) makes ACEs science intrinsic to everyday life

Students start each day with meditation During her first year as principal of Suisun Elementary in Suisun City, Calif., in 2014 Ann Marie Neubert suspended 102 students — out of a student population of 550 —for disrupting their classes. It was a serious problem, but the school’s teachers didn’t know what to do. “[Teachers] felt like they were using all the tools in their toolbox and it wasn’t changing behavior,” she recalls. Ann Marie Neubert Too many students were spending too much time out...

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