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Pacific Southwest Mental Health Technology Transfer Center Summer 2019 Learning Institute!

The Pacific Southwest Mental Health Technology Transfer Center is incredibly excited to announce that registration is open for our Pacific Southwest Mental Health Technology Transfer Center Summer 2019 Learning Institute ! What: Two days of incredibly high quality faculty (e.g. David Shonfeld from the National School Crisis & Bereavement Center! Yolo Akili Robinson from the Black Emotional & Mental Health Collective!) offering intensive learning sessions to support the mental health...

When Being Trauma-Informed Is Not Enough

Trauma-informed care is the new gold standard. For the last several years, Echo has been providing professional development in trauma-informed care but we’re beginning to notice a worrying aspect of the new push to train staff and transform systems. Some human service professionals are seeing ‘trauma-informed care’ as another skill to add to their resume or a box to check off on a grant proposal. But if the information stays with the professionals and is not used to empower survivors, then...

More than 70 4CA participants converge on Sacramento, talk ACEs to power

Mai Le, an ACEs champion and program associate with First 5 San Mateo, wasted no time getting to the point of why she was asking lawmakers to support legislation that would help prevent adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). “When I was a child, my father had a psychotic break and was eventually diagnosed with schizophrenia,” she said in a conversation with Eric Dietz, a staff member for State Senator John Moorlach (R-Costa Mesa). L-R: Eric Dietz, Richa Sharma, Mai Le “I’m a high achiever,...

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Grad student seeks your input?

Hello Sonoma County ACEs Connection members, My name is Brandin Gordon and I am a graduate student at the University of San Francisco working in dual-degrees in Public Health and Behavioral Health. My fieldwork project will focus on trauma informed care at an organizational level. Utilizing knowledge from my dual majors, my goal is to develop a deeper understanding of organizational needs to implement trauma informed care. In the next couple of weeks, I will be reaching out to organizations...Read More...
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Help our public radio station with a story: How did separation from your parents as a child impact you?

KQED is the National Public Radio affiliate in San Francisco, CA. We’d like to hear from adults (18+) who were separated from their parents when they were children. Perhaps the separation was due to economic reasons, war and conflict, incarceration, foster care, or something else. How did that period of separation impact you in the long-run? How has it impacted your connection to others and how you build relationships? If you're a parent, how does it influence how you parent? We’re...Read More...

Is Poverty an ACE?

Holly White-Wolfe
I think toxic stress can result from poverty, and this is concerning considering: 40% of Americans Lack Savings to Cover a $400 Emergency. Despite low unemployment, this Washington Post story notes that 'an alarming number of Americans are still struggling to get by. In the past month, two reports - a new Federal Reserve survey of more than 12,200 Americans about their finances and a new United Way report on financial hardship - reveal how unstable life remains for a large number of people.Read More...
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HI everyone - I have family that has lost everything in the Ventura fires and i am trying to be a resource for them. I already shared a one pager about the health effects of ash (Thank you for posting that, Karen!). Do you all have any suggestions for what they definitely need to do? (They lost everything). They have been in touch with insurance company (havent heard back yet) and are out looking for an apartment to rent. Any must dos for them? Thank you in advance! Gail (formerly from Ventura)Read More...
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