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The Center for the Study of Social Policy website is overflowing with resources for building resilient communities. From their Strengthening Families initiative, I have attach a set of "action sheets" that are geared to help providers improve family resilience, and a powerpoint presentation on protective factors.

But I recommend spending time on the website- there are so many resources there for strategizing how to improve outcomes for youth and their families. There are multiple initiatives, all with resources that include resource, activities, and powerpoint slides for training.

The website is here:

About the Action Sheets:
- Protective Factors Action Sheets – Great for a handout at a Strengthening Families training, this packet includes the research brief about each protective factor as well as an β€œaction sheet” for service providers about their role in supporting families to build each protective factor. The action sheets include what to look for, questions to ask and activities to do with parents related to each protective factor.

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Local Sonoma County folks are hungry for resources to implement the "Strengthening Families" framework.  Upstream Investments, First Five and Public Health's Maternal Child Adolescent Health teams offered recent training on Strengthening Families.  All events immediately "sold out."  How terrific that Karen shares a resource for how we can continue to learn more via this great website!

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