CAPCC Asks: What It Will Take to Ensure Every Child Feels Loved?


On, August 23, 2019 the Humboldt County Child Abuse Prevention Coordinating Council (CAPCC) will be joined by Michael Williams, Co-Director for Strategies 2.0, a statewide training and technical assistance program funded by the California Office of Child Abuse Prevention. Williams will be facilitating a very special meeting from noon to 3:00 in the Redwood Room, in the Humboldt Education Resource Center, at Humboldt County Office of Education, 901 Myrtle Avenue, Eureka. This is a no cost event and lunch will be provided.

During the meeting participants will:

  • Articulate a shared Vision for Primary and Secondary Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect;
  • Identify conditions necessary to achieve that Vision; and
  • Develop ideas for potential strategies.

Williams shares his hopes for the day: “Humboldt County really cares for their kids. You have resourceful and dedicated community leaders working on behalf of children and families. We are uniting those efforts—connecting vision to action to achieve more than we may have thought possible.”

CAPCC is a broad-based non-profit advocacy organization that works to eliminate child abuse and neglect in our community through (1) striving to assure coordinated services and policies for the prevention, intervention and treatment of child abuse among agencies and organizations, and (2) actively promoting and supporting high-quality programs that successfully reduce child abuse and neglect, and (3) increasing public awareness of resources to help prevent child abuse and decrease family stress.

 Any person who has interested in supporting families to raise healthy and happy children, preventing child abuse and neglect, and helping abused and neglected children can become a member of CAPCC by filling out an application on the website:


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