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For Some Kids, This Last Year Qualifies As An Adverse Childhood Experience (Forbes)

By Leah Campbell, January 13, 2021, Forbes.

Kids have been asked to sacrifice a lot this last year. In-person school, playdates with their friends, travel and sporting activities, and fun extras like trips to the movies. On top of all that, many have been trapped inside with parents facing their own stressors: trying to work from home, keeping businesses afloat, and even just paying the bills after work has dried up.

β€œIt is increasingly clear that the effects of Covid-19 run far deeper than what we see on the surface and what we initially imagined,” she went on to say. β€œCommunicable disease outbreaks (such as Covid-19), natural disasters and childhood adversity impact both physical and mental health, including increased risk factors for cardiovascular, metabolic, immunologic, and neuropsychiatric health.”

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Karen Clemmer, MN, RN, PHN

Northern California and Northwest Regional Community Facilitator


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