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FREE TRAINING: Charlie Appelstein- No Such Thing As A Bad Kid


North Coast Builders Exchange

1030 Apollo Way, Santa Rosa, CA


Join Prevent Child Abuse Sonoma County (PCASC) and Charlie Appelstein for an informative and motivational training on March 7, 2018!

Charlie Appelstein, M.S.W. is an internationally prominent youth care training specialist, author and motivational speaker whose primary focus is on teaching positive, strength-based theories and techniques to professionals who guide at-risk children, youth and families.

Charlie will also discuss strategies for understanding and guiding children and youth victimized by the recent fires, including: dealing with grief, how trauma can affect developmental stages, and strategic verbal interventions to help professionals better engage and assist these kids.

Additional topics include:

  *   What is strength-based practice & the power of a positive attitude & culture

  *   The effects of trauma and positive emotions on the brain

  *   Mindset changing, strength-based communication principles and techniques - including re-framing, using solution-focused questions, positive-predicting and inspirational metaphors

  *   Self-esteem building & activities for at-risk children and youth; how to help cognitively inflexible kids

  *   The importance of being family-friendly

  *   Why, how, and when to use incentive plans

  *   The importance of controlling personal emotions (i.e. managing number one first)

  *   Respectful, relationship-based limit setting; and a host of creative cognitive behavioral strategies.


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