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Friendly Reminder: our July meeting is Weds 7/22 at 3:30!

Please join our July Zoom meeting - all are welcome! 
If you prefer, there is a call in option too.

MCH Health inequities emerge even before birth 2020ZOOM LINK or see calendar for more details.

So much is happening across the county (and beyond) so maybe we can put our heads together and find ways to support this important work!

See below for the draft agenda and the attached references:

OCAP cover1 OCAP released their strategic plan 2020-2025
2 MCH released a report on how health inequities emerge before birth
3 EfC just released Trauma Informed Nutrition 
4 Building a Trauma Informed System of Care Toolkit

DRAFT Agenda -Becky Hass cover of toolkit

Community updates -
new funding from ACEs Aware 
Local efforts - Peace Town
Learning opportunities - A Better Normal community conversation series 
Technical assistance opportunity -
All Children Thrive

Trauma Informed Nutrition page


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