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January Sonoma County ACEs Connection Notes

Jan 28,2021 meeting notes:

  • 6 local parents were recognized for National Parent Leadership Month, acknowledging what a challenging year that has been and supporting a community that sees, values, and supports its families.
  • Castle Daycare and Preschool was recognized as a Community Organization Champion that is going above and beyond to provide elementary students with an in person experience while doing Distance Learning, prevent ACEs, and buffer toxic stress. Thank you!
  • Elizabeth Vermilyea of CPI shared a short presentation on Whole System Change Model to Trauma-Informed Care
  • There are 2 leadership positions available for SCAC. Secretary and Treasurer-encouraged someone in community to take on role to futher support SCAC and their involvement.
  • Dovetail Learning offers Resilience Circles for parents.
  • Interest in building a list of community based resources that can support individuals and parents
  • SSU was just awarded $5M to engage folks with autism as they develop STEM related skills and understanding!
  • The CA Surgeon General recently released a report (with many attachments) that provide great information and useful handouts:
  • St. Joseph Health was just awarded $ 2,962,410 the lead agencies are Redwood Community Health Network and Santa Rosa Community Health Some of this funding is designed build community resilience.
  • CPI is offering FREE Parenting classes, Free Parent support line, and NO COST psychological first aid (707) 284-1500 and a class on Surviving and Thriving at Distance Learning -

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