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SCAC March & April meetings canceled


The March 25th SCAC meeting is canceled. 

Sonoma County ACEs Connection is canceling our monthly meetings during March and April. Typically we meet the 4th Wed of each month from 3:30 to 5:00, however, with the shelter in place order and uncertainty about how long this will last, we decided to cancel the next two meetings. 

If there is interest we could consider meeting remotely on 5/27/2020 by calling in or using Zoom video conferencing. Please share your thoughts.

Are you seeking to make sense of everything and wondering about how to integrate trauma-informed practices at this critical time - please RSVP for THIS FREE webinarWed 3/25/20 at noon. 

Webinar description:  Please click here to RSVP for the webinar

Taking Care of Our Patients, Our Teams, and Ourselves: Trauma-Informed Practices to Address Stress Related to COVID-19

The webinar will cover how trauma-informed principles and practices can help providers and their teams sustain high-quality care of patients, and take good care of themselves in the face of acute stress resulting from COVID-19. This includes ways to help patients increase buffering and protective factors, as well as supporting patients using telehealth. The webinar also will highlight resources and handouts that providers can share with their patients. 

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