Local Teachers Love Learning about ACES!

Grace Harris MFT, Parent Resources Director for Child Parent Institute reported that she recently presented to staff at several schools on ACES and Trauma Informed Care (TIC).  When asked, less than 10% of school staff said they were aware of ACES or TIC. 

One long-time teacher stood up afterwards and shared that she had been told over the years that it was her job to deal with the student’s problematic behaviors and she always disagreed.  After Grace’s presentation, the teacher said she “got it” that it was her job to help these kids! 

Another teacher said she was the “bad kid” in school and that one caring teacher took the time to help her, get her signed up for sports and to check in on her.  Today, that “bad kid” is a teacher who keeps her eye out for other struggling kids!  

Thank you Grace and Child Parent Institute for continuing to share your passion and understanding of ACES! 

Grace's presentation is attached, and here is her schedule for presenting on ACEs at local schools:

- September 1: Rohnert-Waldo Elementary District

- September 2: Ridgeway School

- October 12: Helen Lehman Elementary

- More requests are coming in!


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ACEs and Trauma for Schools - Grace thanks those who have contributed input to this presentation

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One teacher at a continuation school reported back that after the training she screened all the students in one of her classes for ACES and she was surprised to learn that all the kids had ACE scores of 8 or above!  Grace offered more resources and let the teacher know that if she wanted to screen all her classes, we would be happy to collate the anonymous screening forms!  Paper Tigers students are here in Sonoma County too ....

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