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Must see movie! This Sunday in Sonoma at Sebastiani Theater


"And Now, Love," is an award-winning documentary memoir on the life and work of Dr. Bernard W. Bail, a highly decorated World War II American Jewish veteran who was captured by the Nazis and rescued by a secret love affair with his German nurse. After the war, Bail came to believe that all wars are the manifestation of the wars within ourselves.

Dedicated to healing mental anguish, he became a doctor and psychoanalyst who developed a theory called the “mother’s imprint,” focusing on transgenerational trauma passed down in utero and striking at the root of all psychopathology. As his work evolved, his conviction in the undeniable link between social progress and the treatment of women made him a firm believer in the idea that if the world can ever know peace, women must lead the way.

At 98 years-old, Dr. Bail is still practicing and is one of the last remaining Jewish WWII veterans and prisoners of war still alive to share his story. “And Now, Love” was written, directed and produced by Jill Demby Guest who is an Emmy nominated, Promax award-winning producer and narrated by actor and Sonoma County resident, Peter Coyote.

November 17th, 2pm

Tickets: $10


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