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Notes from 2-26-2020 SCAC meeting


All were welcomed and each person introduced themselves, highlighting what inspires them to integrate ACEs science into their personal and or professional lives. 
SCAC Nadine Quote
New members were welcomed!
Peacetown 2020

Elizabeth Smith, Founder/ CEO of Project Whole Child introduced herself, and shared that in addition to this role she is a west county school board member, a board member of PeaceTown, and president of the Sebastopol Soroptimist Club! Whew! When the group’s conversation moved towards identifying a space where a Mind-Body leader can host a weekly class with youth, Elizabeth offered a space! Additionally she shared an upcoming event that is open to the public: Peacetown Welcome Party: Beatles Singalong Dance PartyMarch 22, noon to 4:00  at Hopmonk in Sebastopol. 

SCAC DAACAmanda Gomez, Perinatal Placement Specialist with Center Point DAACAmanda noted that they are well under capacity in terms of serving pregnant women with substance use disorders. If you know of someone who could benefit from these services, please call (707)544-3495 to schedule an intake appointment. Typically open “slots” in Medi-Cal funded perinatal substance use treatment facilities is very limited. Folks around the table sought out clarifications about how to start the intake process as they thought of people they knew who would benefit from these amazing services (DAAC offers yoga, parenting classes, a homemade meal, and so much more). SCAC BH ServicesWe welcomed Sarah Pilgrim, LCSW with DHS, Behavioral Health, Youth and Family Services. Sarah provided a glimpse into the services now available for transitional age youth, and youth with serious mental health needs. Prior to her participation, as a group, we had some gaps in our awareness of the resources available to youth, including those who are “aging out of” the foster care system. This sparked a comment from another member who advocates for a family with a seriously ill parent (now at a palliative care phase). A youth in the family sought urgent mental health care at the HMO emergency department, where the youth stayed, in the ED for eight days - due to no known resources. As a group, folks offered ideas on ways low-income youth can access care when experiencing serious mental illness - who to call, the [Medi-Cal] process for admission, the services offered (in home if needed, or if placed elsewhere the cost is not shifted to the parents), and more. Recognizing the care and concern among the group transformed the conversation from one of frustration to one of hope for healing. 
SCAC West County HC
Ongoing conversations: 
West County Community Health is working with a patient council for feedback on their efforts to integrate ACEs screening. The patient council suggests ways to improve messaging, how to introduce screenings into client encounters. 

Field nurses gone rogue! Local public health nurses have integrated a “trauma-informed approach” (TIA) into their public health nurse home visiting model - they are now “TIA PHNs”! which accurately reflects their new lens and practices AND translates to auntie in Spanish. Liz George shared a few updates on their TIA PHN model including a guidebook developed to support other counties in implementing this model. SCAC What happened to you

When asked about resistance to discussing ACEs, Liz provided a nursing rationale: if we were talking about diabetes - of course we would talk about it with our patients - the same holds true for ACEs. And, many clients find relief that they were not at fault. Often the parent’s aw-ha ripples further and underscores their new desire to protect their children. 

Reflected on the process of integrating ACEs science education into public health nurse home visits, and over time, the data was very compelling, resulting in the Sonoma County Public Health Nurses, and Jesus, publishing an article in the (peer reviewed) journal of public health nursing. After presenting their findings for PHNs from across CA (12 counties?), three counties, on the spot said they wanted to adopt the same practices.SCAC SSNR article

UCSF became interested in the results and recognized the need to scale the efforts. Currently a UCSF research grant is looking at the counties that agreed to use the program (intervention group), and counties that agreed to be the control group. Their desire is to follow the cohort to age 18 to determine the benefit of integrating ACEs science education into PHN home visiting model. 

The TIA PHNs developed health education materials designed for their target audience - low literacy, in multiple languages. Page one is the RWJF “Truth about ACEs'' and page two is Dr. Burke Harris’ “To Lower Toxic Stress at Home: create safe, stable nurturing environments for your children”. Copied duplex, this is a one page document used as a teaching tool.SCAC RWJF Truth About ACEs

Locals integrating ACEs science into work with at-risk populations: 
David shared several ways he has integrated knowledge of ACEs science into programs that he oversees.  

Friday night parenting classes draw 20-25 parents each week.

Probation Day Reporting Center some of the classes that are offered (and often integrate ACEs science) include: Cognitive Behavioral Interventions, Advanced Practices, Aggression Replacement Training, Outpatient Substance Abuse, and Positive Parenting Program.SCAC Day Reporting Center

Sonoma County Probation Camp in Forestville is a 24-bed, short-term correctional treatment facility under the administration of the Probation Department for 15-1/2 to 18-year-old males committed by the Juvenile Court. First established in 1955, Probation Camp has a long and proud history of providing positive opportunities for the young men committed to the program, resulting in more productive citizens and safer communities in Sonoma County.SCAC DUI program

The Sonoma County DUI program The Driving Under the Influence Program works with the Court to provide services to first time and multiple offenders, with offices in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sonoma, and Guerneville.

Future Questions:
Access to care - what can we do better? 
What role does (ACE) intensity (e.g. ongoing abuse during early childhood vs single incident in adolescence) play? 

SCAC Hanna Summit

Hanna Institute hosted a multi day summit - Amanda Gomez attended and will share lessons learned at our next meeting. Click HERE to see presenter slides and more.

PEACETOWN welcome party! Beatles Singalong Dance Party March 22, 2020 noon to 4 pm at Hopmonk Sebastopol learn more here: 
Peacetown is a virtual place where lovers of peace gather as a community to incubate and promote peaceful coexistence, kindness, love and joy. As we join in this community and come to understand the Principles of Peace, we create a community that lives and breathes Peace. You become a citizen of Peacetown when you declare yourself to be one by signing up in the form below. We will keep you inspired and fill your heart and mind with beauty, love and joy. We would be glad to welcome your heart, mind and soul to our community.

Child Parent Institute is hosting REWIND Film Screening and Director Q&A. Click HERE to RSVP! SCAC Rewind Screening
Thursday, March 26, 2020 , 7:00 to 9:30 pm at Summerfield Cinemas | 551 Summerfield Road. Contact: Anne Barron, (707) 585-6108 x1149.
Join CPI and Director Sasha Joseph Neulinger for an exclusive screening of REWIND, a groundbreaking documentary film that explores the far-reaching consequences of multigenerational child sexual abuse. Digging through the vast collection of his father's home videos, Sasha reconstructs the unthinkable story of his boyhood and exposes vile abuse passed through generations.

Atour next meeting on March 25,2020 we will continue this important conversation: addressing provider pushback ahead of the full rollout (7 questions) - will result in greater uptake and comfort with integrating ACEs screening into their practice. 

Be sure and reach out to share any ideas for our next SCAC agenda!

SCAC CPI PCA Breakfast April 2020To RSVP for this CPI event click HERE


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Elizabeth Beaty-Smith posted:

I can help the Mind-Body Leader secure a location in Sebastopol, email me!

Thank you so much for making time to participate! What an awesome group of people who come with their whole hearts! Nancy Vogl is the person you are trying to contact: Thanks so much for all you are doing for children and families in Sonoma County! Karen

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