PARENTING GUIDES: Please share to support parents

During this challenging time, parents need more resources than ever. Please let parents know about the following guides from the Yolo County Children's Alliance and the Yolo Child Abuse Prevention Council. All guides are available at I have attached a summary of the guides if you would prefer to share that. Please note that we will be releasing our positive discipline guide on 4/1/20 (Handling Your Child's Challenging Behaviors at Every Age). The guides below are available now in English, Spanish, and Russian:  
  • Nurturing Children During Times of Stress: A Guide to Help Children Bloom
  • Weathering the Storms: A Guide to Healthy Expressions of Emotions for Parents and Children
  • Make Time for Yourselfโ€”A Self-Care Guide for Busy Parents
  • Talk+Play=Connect Toolkit for Families (lots of activities to do with kids)


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