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REMINDER: SCAC Monthly Meeting 2.26.20!

This is a friendly reminder that our Sonoma County ACEs Connection (SCAC) meeting is today [2.26.20] at 3:30. Please plan to attend, and bring a friend too! A simple agenda is attached and we can amend it when we come together today.

Did you know that since our last meeting ..... 
Partnership Medi-Cal Managed Care announced an expansion of its substance use disorder services in Sonoma County. Plus, they are building a Wellness and Recovery Program in several N CA counties - but not yet Sonoma Co.

Carla shared a professional development webinar "At Greater Risk: The intersection of ACEs and addiction".

Elizabeth shared a two-day Protective Factors Certification Training which is offered locally!

Did you see the new report - showing the cost of ACEs in CA (only measuring health-related costs) is $113 billion! And, just one ACE costs $28 billion! β€œTo my knowledge, it's the first study of the health-related cost of ACEs” said Miller, a senior research scientist with the Pacific Institute for Research & Evaluation (PIRE). His coauthors include California Surgeon General and Cofounder and former Director of the Center for Youth Wellness Dr. Nadine Burke Harris.   
Hanna Institute hosted Rhythmic Mind - Therapeutic Hip Hop In a deeply immersive evening event, Founders Max Kline and Jonah Scott, will demonstrate how teens and young adults engage in their own empowerment and inspiration through Group Process, Lyric Writing and Beat Production. 
In addition, tremendous outreach efforts designed to address the risks of adolescent vaping, marijuana use have been presented across the county. Question - what can we, SCAC, do to ensure these messages incorporate the five parts of ACEs science
Have you checked out SCAC recently? Did you know that the SCAC site offers (for free!) several categories of resources that can be downloaded and shared? And so much more! 
Check out Mapping the Movement to see other communities - across the nation and beyond. Plus find out which states have passed bills that address ACEs, and see where the National Behavioral Health Council's work often intersects with ACEs Connection .... and much more. 


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