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San Francisco Dept of Public Health Trauma-Informed Systems Initiative

I thought you might be interested in taking a look at the 2014 year in review from the SF Dept of Public Health's Trauma-Informed Systems Initiative. It's attached, below. 


The Department made the commitment to train all of its 9,000 staff to become trauma-informed. From the report:


The Trauma Informed Systems Initiative Workgroup is led by Dr. Ken Epstein and currently staffed by a full time Coordinator, a team of 4 interns, a work group of subject matter experts and the support of the Community Behavioral Health Services Training Department. The Initiative has based its change efforts on the Trauma Informed System’s Principles and Competencies developed by the work group: 


• Trauma Understanding 

• Cultural Humility & Responsiveness 

• Safety & Stability 

• Compassion & Dependability 

• Collaboration & Empowerment 

• Resilience & Recovery 


 Last year, the year that training began, there were 27 trainings at three locations; 1,787 people participated. At the end of the year, two meetings were held to launch the Champions Program -- 34 people who've been so inspired by the new knowledge that they want to take an active role in its dissemination. From the report:


This first meeting included the practice of Sandra Bloom’s Community Meeting Structure, an framework for trauma informed staff meetings, and a sampling of a Relationship Centered Communication technique for quickly promoting relationship building with clients or co-workers.


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