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Sebastopol Peace Bag concept has spread to Southern California


Local Sebastopol non-profit Peacetown is spreading joy and community engagement through the Family Village's project called Peace Bags. Every week for 13 weeks a different local organization "sponsors" a week by providing printed resources and an activity that supports community connection, family engagement, and some fun. The bags are distributed for FREE in collaboration with a local toy store. I happen to come across a conversation on one of the posts I made regarding Peace Bags. The post was regarding the origin of Peace Bags. I contacted the person and discovered that in Santa Clarita they were inspired by the Peace Bag concept and implemented offering them as well. They have had great success. Here is an article written about their Peace Bags:

It brings me immense joy and satisfaction to see this work spreading across the state and making an impact in such positive way offering families the Protective Factors they so very need. 

I have also attached their flyer promoting Peace Bags


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  • 115823303_572959830000415_5242871484418612467_o: My daughter holding a Peace Bag sponsored by First 5 Sonoma

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