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Sharing two ACEs-related references

Karen Clemmer sent the following as an email yesterday:

Dear Sonoma County ACES Connection members,

Since our last meeting, a couple items that might be of interest have come across my desk and both frame ACES around a Life Course perspective!  For more background on the Life Course perspective:


The first item is a hot, not yet off the press, article that discusses practical findings which underscore the need for “low-barrier” stress reduction approaches that are grounded in wellness and leverage resilience to alter the ACES affected trajectories. Life Course Pathways

“Examining trauma within a life course stress process perspective, we posit that early childhood adversity carries a unique capacity to impair adult psychological well-being both independent of and cumulative with other contributors, including social disadvantage and stressful adult experiences.  This study uses data from a representative population-based health survey (N = 13,593)to provide one of the first multivariate assessments of unique, cumulative, and moderated effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) toward explaining 3 related yet distinct measures of adult mental health: perceived well-being, psychological distress, and impaired daily activities.”


The second item is from the American Academy of Pediatrics that looks at the consequences of trauma.

“Never before in the history of medicine have we had better insight into the factors that determine the health of an individual from infancy to adulthood, which is part of the life course perspective—a way of looking at life not as disconnected stages but as integrated across time.” 

 The Basic Science of Pediatrics

See you at our next Sonoma County ACES Connection meeting on May 27th from 12:30 to 2:00




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