Sonoma County ACEs Connection Meeting Minutes 6/26/19

  1. Breathing and presencing 
  2. Introductions - small stories 
    1. Inquiry around ACEs training for County staff 
    2. Regional Parks hosted a training that was well received 
      1. Allison noted that Behavioral Health had budget issues
    3. Jesus is looking for someone to do ACEs education.
    4. David - Karen’s attachment of ACEs flyer and MARC history was very helpful 
    5. Allison’s team established peer support CREW - committee for resilience and employee Well Being 
      1. Had an ACEs training as part of professional development 
      2. Wanting ‘mental health first aid’ - mental health and substance abuse, how to ask the right questions and deal with what people encounter 
        1. Multiple comments that it is ‘very basic’ 
        2. QPR - approach came up 
    6. Discussion around ‘technical’ presentation and whats missed on the nuanced, emotional dimension of supporting people 
      1. Legal vs. personal reporting 
      2. Hard to thread ‘technical’ and ‘heart’
  3. David M. presentation - POSTPONED for larger audience 
  4. Group decision to talk about ACEs connection history and future state possibilities 
    1. Brief history - Allison 8 years 
    2. Question about Tuesday Steering Committee 
    3. Wondering about MindBody Training/Resilience collaborative 
      1. Why not use ACEs Sonoma as hub for those trained 
    4. Is there value of helping make it more relevant for people to attend related to their job 
    5. History of other states and some of what Elizabeth has experienced or was part of supporting 
    6. Should we target people/agencies that we want to ‘get in’? 
    7. Results Based Accountability exercise 
      1. Do this next meeting 
    8. ARTIC - measurement tool for trauma informed care of institution
    9. MARC put one out - APRICOT (data-base)
      1. Has this already been done?
        1. Holly White Wolf was instrumental at the time 
          1. People are important
          2. TOO much predicated on a single person 
      2. Departments can do it, and have to apply 
      3. Andy Blanch - Tarpon Springs 
        1. Elizabeth to invite to help us ‘not re-create’ the wheel 
        2. Police chief - “What happened to that child”

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Sara Champie posted:

Hello, are these meetings public? How do we find out when and where the meetings are held? 

Hi Sara! YES these are public meetings and we are always happy when new people attend! We meet the 4th Wed of each month at Child Parent Institute located at 3650 Standish Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95407. Our next meeting is on July 24, 2019 starting at 3:30. Please join us! Bring a friend and spread the word!

We are early in the process of trying to figure out what we might want to accomplish in the next year or so. 

When you're on the Sonoma County ACEs Connection homepage - on the right side there is a resource directory - and there are Monthly Meeting Notes available - in addition to many other materials.
Looking forward to meeting you! @Sara Champie

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