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Sonoma County ACES Connection Monthly Meeting


Sending you a reminder for the Sonoma County ACEs Connection meeting THIS Thursday, February 25th between 3-4pm.
Sonoma County ACEs Connection is a space for the community to come together as a centralized landing spot to buffer toxic stress, prevent, heal, treat, and move beyond ACEs while promoting resiliency and sharing and creating opportunities to leverage and coordinate with others.
If you are unable to attend please consider posting any resources, stories, and thoughts to Sonoma County ACEs Connection.
Have a meeting coming up that Sonoma County ACEs Connection can present and/or be of support? Please reach out as I would be more than happy to attend and make that connection.
Here is the link for the meeting tomorrow, Thursday between 3-4pm. Feel free to invite others!
ID: 91864522660
Password: 557951

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