Sonoma County Housing Insecurity Part of Bay Area Regional Health Inequality Initiative Describes


This report highlights how housing insecurity can have tremendous impact on the mental health and well being of children and families.  Are there ACE's to prevent in addressing this huge issue?

Read the 2016 Displacement Brief for yourself here:

Mental Health Impacts: The emotional toll of displacement and living with the threat of displacement is significant, affecting mental wellbeing, sense of belonging and community cohesion.

• People experiencing housing insecurity are almost three times more likely to be in frequent mental distress than those who have secure housing.

• Research shows emotional strain from physical environments directly influence the onset and severity of diseases such as asthma. 

Effects on Children and Families: The health impacts of housing instability are particularly intense for children, causing behavioral problems, educational delays, depression, low birth weights, and other health conditions such as asthma.

• Children who move frequently had a one year academic delay, lower test scores, and a lower likelihood of finishing school, displaced children are far more likely to have frequent absences from school,  and children in crowded housing have lower math and reading achievement and behavioral problems.

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